Taxplore UI 2018: Taxation in The Digital Economy Era

TaxPloreThe National Taxation Seminar TAXPLORE UI 2018 is here!

Get the latest insights from our upcoming event, the tax seminar with theme “Taxation in the Digital Economy Era”.

Introducing our well-known speakers:

1. Prof. Dr. Haula Rosdiana, M.Si (Academician and Professor of Faculty of Administrative Science)

2. Dr. Yon Arsal, S.E., Ak., M.Ec., M.Si (Director of Potential, Compliance, and Tax Revenue of Direktorat Jenderal Pajak RI)

3. B. Bawono Kristiaji, S.E., M.S.E., M.Sc., IBT., ADIT (Partner of Tax Research & Training Services DDTC)

4. Ichwan Sukardi S.H., LL.M., MM., BKP (Chairman of IFA Indonesia Tax Partner RSM Indonesia)

and will be moderated by :

Hans Topril S.I.A (Transfer Pricing Senior Associates KPMG Indonesia)

This event will be held on Friday, November 30th, 2018 from 2.00 PM – 5.00 PM at Auditorium Gedung M, FIA UI Depok.

In addition to the valuable insights and up-to-date knowledge from our speakers, you will also get e-certificate.

This event is FREE and open for public.
Don't miss your chance!

Secure your seat as soon as posssible and you can start by registering yourself at and confirm your attendance to:

Vidia (vidiart / 089616441276)

Stay tuned on our social media for further information!

Evieta Syahyu: evietasyahyua / 081290872684
Rifan Yubi: ifanyubi/ 081367265233

OA Taxplore 2018
Line OA: @yjz2830d
Instagram: @Taxplore.ui / @kostaffiaui

Taxplore Universitas Indonesia 2018
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